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Work in Progress: Set 8

Been working a lot of festivals. Peep it up.


Aim high.

Jagermeister-Exclaim BBQ Promo Photoshoot w/ Tokyo Police Club

Thanks to some last minute plans I was given the chance to shoot Josh and Graham from Tokyo Police Club for Exclaim Magazine featuring Jagermeister. Since we didn’t have a lot of location choices and the weather was starting to roll in we decided to shoot it in the park behind my place. Not to shabby for […]

Work In Progress: Tight-Knit Syria

Working along side, we got some studio space for the afternoon and did some stuff for Tight-Knit Syria. Thanks to everyone who helped us out to get some sweet images!

Work In Progress: Geoff and Sadie

Geoff and Sadie have been together as long as I can remember, and they are some of the best friends I have had. It was an honour to take their photos to celebrate their engagement, and I can’t wait for the wedding next year. Fuckin love you guys!