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Work In Progress: Geoff and Sadie

Geoff and Sadie have been together as long as I can remember, and they are some of the best friends I have had. It was an honour to take their photos to celebrate their engagement, and I can’t wait for the wedding next year. Fuckin love you guys!

Work in Progress: Set 6

Went back to the hometown of sweet Port Colborne and had some impromptu shoots. Both turned out super sexy ūüėČ http://www.mixcloud.com/TechnoVikingDJ/valhallavolumes001/ https://www.facebook.com/kylebannerman.666

“I don’t gloat, but I took an awesome photo.”

So another month has past in the blink of an eye. For myself, it feels like my body has been in overdrive and some how¬†continuously¬†fuels to keep me working.¬† Now keeping me sane on the other hand… I don’t like to gloat or bask in anything I do, but I am allowed to get excited […]