Work in Progress: Set 6

Went back to the hometown of sweet Port Colborne and had some impromptu shoots. Both turned out super sexy ūüėČ



Work in Progress: Set 5

Had a 3 day work weekend which consisted of Matt and Jen’s Wedding, and then Digital Dreams for two days.

My limbs feel like noodles.



Work In Progress: Set 4

Some recent shots I did with Bounce House (


Work in Progress: Set 3

Trying to shake of the dust, haven’t shot in a while (for fun, that is.)



August 25th, 2012

This is essentially what true desperation looks like (for me anyway).

On my way to a wedding my car broke down. The fact that it was serviced a week before apparently meant nothing, and if it wasn’t for the help of friends and family I would of been stuck. Thanks to them, everything and everyone came together and the day went swimmingly.

Love you all!

Credit to Katherine Kwan for the photo.